Repair and Renovation

IKO road offers a very complete range of products for the repair and renovation of road surfaces. The product range includes cold asphalt in various qualities, depending on the application and the desired result.

  • Standard cold asphalt is intended for temporary repair of damage.
  • For the final repair of structural damage, IKO road recommends reactive cold asphalt. This fast curing product produces the same, sustainable results as hot asphalt.

For renovation, too, i.e. the freshening up and preventive filling of small cracks, IKO road has suitable products.


IKO bitumix CE

can 20 kg | drum 200kg

Road surfacing emulsion.

IKO pro Refresh Asphalt 20 kg

Semi-liquid thixotropic product based on bituminous emulsion, resins and fillers.

IKO liquid asphalt 0/2

granules 16 kg | emulsion 2 x 1.5 kg

Cold application reactive liquid cold hydrocarbon.

IKO liquid asphalt 0/3

granules 16 kg | emulsion 2 kg

Cold application reactive liquid cold hydrocarbon.


IKO pro Tinascoat Primer spray 500 ml

Bituminous dry fast primer for cold hydrocarbon IKO pro tinascoat.

IKO pro Tinascoat 0/5

bag 25 kg | drum 25 kg | bigbag 1000kg | vrac

Temporary repair or resurfacing of hydrocarbon surfacing subjected to light or medium traffic.

IKO rephalt primer spray 500 ml

Primer to preparing a surface before using IKO rephalt and IKO oecophalt.

IKO rephalt 0/3 14 kg

Cold application reactive cold hydrocarbon.

IKO oecophalt R 0/4 bag 16 kg

Cold application reactive cold hydrocabon.

IKO road repair 25 kg

Mastic asphalt for repairing. Repairing road in concrete or asphalt.