Joint Fillers

IKO road offers a whole host of products to fill (expansion) joints and cracks in road surfaces. There are products for both concrete and asphalt. These products can be used in new buildings and renovation projects.

The range comprises:

  • Cold processable products: cold bitumen, cold polyurethane
  • Hot processable products: bitumen
  • Fuel-resistant products, e.g. for airports
  • Primers and accessories, such as joint sealing strips and joint boards.


IKO compound MN 10 17 kg

Elastic Sealing Compound for cracks in concrete or hydrocarbon surfaces.

IKO compound MN 15 A 19 kg

Elastic Sealing Compound for joints in concrete or hydrocarbon surfaces.

IKO compound MN 20 EJ 17 kg

Elastic sealing compound -hot applied- for sealing wide joints in bridgeheads and as joint between concreet and asphalt roads.

IKO CP primer

spray 500 ml | can 25 l

Primer for sealing compounds.

IKO CP primer can black 25 l

Primer for sealing compounds.


IKO compound S 40

can 30 kg | cartridge 310 ml

Single component, permanent elastic bitumen elastomer based compound.

IKO MS 210 grey 600 ml

Low modulus 1-k mastic based on polyurethane for construction joints subject to medium levels of movement..

IKO 400 AK

component A 2.94 kg | component B 2.06 kg

Pouring grade antkerosene sealing permanent elasticity for horizontal joints.

IKO 400 AK primer B 5 kg

Transparent resin primer for polyurethane mastic on concrete.

IKO Crack Sealer

cartridges 285 gr

2 component reactive bituminous joint and crack sealer. Cold applied.


IKO flexijoint

6 mm 1500 L/M | 8 mm 900 L/M
10 mm 1700 L/M | 13 mm 1100 L/M
15 mm 780 L/M | 25 mm 280 L/M
32 mm 190 L/M

Joint filler extruded polyethylene foam resistant to high temperatures.

IKO fibral 

type A 50 cm | type C 50 cm | type 300 cm

Joint plate for in concrete.


IKO colband 

20 x 10 mm | 30 x 10 mm | 35 x 10 mm
40 x 10 mm | 45 x 10 mm | 50 x 10 mm
60 x 10 mm

Bituminous strip for joints between asphalt layers.

IKO tekband

30 x 3 mm | 40 x 3 mm | 50 x 3 mm

Prefabricated self adhesive cold applied bitumen-polymer tape.