Concrete Treatment

Within this range, contractors will find all kinds of products for the protection of foundations and for the curing of fresh concrete structures in road construction.

In this range you will find all the products needed for:

  • The protection of foundations, such as bridges, control wells etc.
  • The curing of fresh concrete and cement structures in road construction
  • Anti-evaporation agent against too rapid curing


IKO pro Fundering

25 l | 200 l

High performance protective liquid, based on bitumen and solvents.

IKO pro Synthaprufe Original

20 l | 200 l

High performance brush applied damp proofing and solventfree bitumenemulsion containing synthetic rubber latex.

IKO cure 

V can 20 l | V drum 200 l BW drum 200 l

Strongly inhibits water evaporation which guaranties the correct hydration of concrete or cement surfaces.